Week-by-week care is standard for the months leading up your birth. What about the vital weeks after the baby’s born? You and your body need time to heal, establish your milk supply and get to know this baby. Your family deserves the specialized care that a midwife can provide during the 'fourth trimester'. Support and guidance during this tender time can help to lay the foundation for healthy moms, babies and families in the first year.

Postpartum Care
  • Holistic treatments to support the healing process of the mother
  • Expert breastfeeding support
  • Helpful strategies & tips for caring for your newborn
  • Nutritional counseling for mothers
  • Referral to trusted holistic healthcare practitioners
  • Experienced support for families with special or high needs babies
  • Networking & connecting with other new moms

Benefits for you & your family

  • Successfully breastfeed and overcome unique lactation challenges
  • Support optimal healing and recovery from the pregnancy and birth, especially in the case of birth by cesarean
  • Learn newborn soothing techniques and effective natural remedies for your newborn
  • Care for babies with higher needs (colic, reflux, preterm, etc.)
  • Learn to prevent and navigate postpartum depression & other emotional changes after birth.
  • Develop a strategy for caring for your newborn beyond the first six weeks.

Joscelyn Flowers is a Midwife who also specializes in the care of the mother and baby after the birth since 2002. She incorporates her lifelong study of natural medicine, nutrition, infant development, and on-going professional development to bring families the best care during the postpartum period. Joscelyn’s practice is based on the knowledge that when the mother is supported to fully recover from the birth and provided with comprehensive resources, families are better prepared to meet the challenges of early parenting with more rest and more knowledge.

"Working with Joscelyn was the best thing I could have done for myself after the birth of our daughter. I knew I wanted to have post partum care but I HAD NO IDEA how helpful, educational and nurturing it would be. Joscelyn is an expert. I had so many questions, that I didn’t know I would have, and she had insights, suggestions and/ or asked great questions to help support us to find what was most important and best for our family. She was so gentle, kind and loving to our baby that I felt completely comfortable having her watch our daughter if I needed some ME time after the birth. Her cooking is out of this world amazing too! I highly recommend that every women have post partum care and especially with Jocelyn. It will be one of the best things you can do for yourself after giving birth."

- Darshana Weill & baby Violet

"There is nothing that can prepare you for giving birth and becoming a mother for the first time. Joscelyn made our household normal again so that I could feel peace. She helped me with both physical and emotional healing after my birth and answered the hundreds of questions that I had about my new baby and helped my gain the confidence in caring for this new being. I’m thankful for the breadth of experience and knowledge that Joscelyn shared with our family—it made the difference between surviving the first few months of our baby’s life and truly relishing them! Joscelyn is the best gift you can give your family!"

- -Alex Phillips, & baby Serena

"My wife and I had a wonderful experience using Joscelyn’s doula and postpartum care. Joscelyn was excellent at helping my wife through the last stages of her pregnancy and her birth experience. She provided a comforting and knowledgeable female companionship for my wife that was invaluable for her. Joscelyn’s presence also relieved me of a lot of stress and pressure so that I could relax and enjoy the moment instead of worrying about knowing and doing everything I was "supposed" to do. When we brought our son home it was initially very overwhelming; especially the lack of sleep and huge new demands on our time. Having Joscelyn visit for postpartum care was a real life saver. Joscelyn would expertly hold our son in a Moby wrap and cook for us while we scrambled to catch up on work and household chores. She would counsel my wife about the difficulties involved in being a new mother and she would leave us with very tasty meals ready to re-heat and eat for later.
I would highly recommend Joscelyn’s services to any expecting parents; you may not realize it now, but you will really want Joscelyn around when the time comes!"

- Peter & Krista Cook & baby Carson

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