Comprehensive Prenatal Care
Joscelyn is your primary health care provider during your pregnancy. She is able to order all necessary laboratory work as well as refer for other screening such as genetic screening or ultrasound as required or requested. In each prenatal visit Joscelyn carefully reviews the normal progress of your pregnancy and works with you to help you be your healthiest.

Each prenatal is approximately 1-1 ½ hours in length, allowing plenty of time for questions and individualization of care to meet your unique needs. Throughout the pregnancy, Joscelyn works with parents to prepare them for the birth and empower them with information giving them confidence and ownership in their experience. Midwifery is a shared-care model where parents play an active role in their health care decisions, as there is time to explain all options of care, and parents have the information to make choices right for them.

Holistic Focus & Promotion of Optimal Health
Joscelyn incorporates her years of study of natural medicine, nutrition, and holistic healthcare to enhance the health of your pregnancy. Pregnancy is a time of great changes that women experience in a multitude of ways. Herbs are powerful allies in maintaining health during pregnancy and setting the stage for a healthy delivery. Joscelyn works closely with other holistic practitioners in the community in collaboration to help you achieve the best possible pregnancy and birth outcome.

Continuity of Care & Access to Your Care Provider
The practice is available 24/7 during your pregnancy should issues arise. Joscelyn limits the number of births she accepts each month as she believes in providing the continuity care that has been proven to give the best pregnancy and birth outcomes.

In-Home Attendance of Your Birth
In her own home, a laboring woman’s need for support, privacy and safety during labor are intrinsically met. Women benefit from the one-on-one attendance provided by the midwife who has been caring for her throughout the pregnancy. This familiarity and comfort is not only emotionally beneficial, but this continuity of care has been proven to help women achieve good outcomes with lower rates of intervention. There are no routine or arbitrary timetables to govern your birth, so women are supported in discovering their body’s own unique way in giving birth.

Care During the Postpartum Period
Your midwife comes to your home a total of 4 five times after the birth to monitor the progression of normalcy for you and your baby. Joscelyn offers holistic treatments to promote healing of the mother, breastfeeding support, nutritional and herbal recommendations, and well-baby check-up’s help to support the mother and baby’s transition during this tender time.

Well-Woman Care
At the end of your postpartum period, your 6-week appointment will be in the office. You can receive your annual exam as well discuss your birth control needs.

Total Services Included in Maternity Care Package:

  • Prenatal care on the usual schedule of monthly appointments until 28 weeks, then bimonthly until 36 weeks, then weekly until birth.
  • On-call services throughout pregnancy and due range until birth.
  • Continuous attendance in your home for labor and delivery.
  • Continued support in the hospital should transfer of care be necessary.
  • Postpartum care for a total of 5 visits of in-home well baby/well mama care.
  • Well-Woman Visit at 6 weeks postpartum
  • Insurance billing available

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